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EDITORIAL                                                                             newDATA

                    DATA, what do I want it for?

                    “By the way, we also ask for this data as well..."

            This reasoning has perhaps been at the                But the trend is changing, and excellent

         basis of the construction of forms in the             examples of minimisation and rationalisation
         overwhelming majority of Portuguese                   in data collection are emerging. Probably due
         companies since the concept was invented.             to the combination of concerns of "Privacy by
         But the paradigm seems to be changing, or at          Concept" and "Privacy by Default" that the

         least I like that perspective, and we are             RGPD brought us, with the increased cost
         witnessing a minimalist trend when it comes           associated with data storage and
         to asking for data.                                   maintenance.

            When, on May 25, 2018, the GDPR became                Using data to produce information and
         applicable in Portugal, many companies felt a         information to produce knowledge, with

         concern that was previously non-existent:             which decision-making processes are
         what do we need, and how do we manage the             facilitated, is well-known reasoning. What
         massive amount of customer data we have?              does not seem to be yet internalised is the

         Although there is currently no great                  need to integrate this reasoning into the
         manifestation that the GDPR is in force, the          strategic processes of companies, which
         truth is that it has at least served to launch        would lead them to a true minimalisation of
         the debate.                                           data collection, adjusted to what is really
                                                               necessary and contributes to the production
            The new IT tools available have greatly            processes.

         facilitated the data collection procedure. If,           Ask yourself: Will I make any decision in
         on the one hand, they have streamlined what           the context of my production or sales
         was perhaps the most tedious part of                  processes that can be influenced by the fact
         business, on the other, they have brought             that the customer has a particular marital

         associated costs with the creation and                status? If yes, it makes sense to ask for this
         maintenance of data storage media, which              data; if no, you are just adding costs to the
         previously did not exist.                             company!

            And this is worth thinking about in an age            It is time to leave curiosity aside and stop
         when the main objective of businesses is to           collecting useless data. Data is a very

         cut costs.                                            valuable resource for companies, but like
            Even so, just this month, I filled out an           everything in life, when in excess, it can kill!

         online form asking me what my marital                                   Horácio Lopes
         status was when I couldn't imagine any use
                                                                                 Gestor de projetos . Consultor de
         for that data concerning the service in                                 Gestão . Editor newDATAmagazine ®

         question, however remote.                                               Formador
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